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MiFi – Mobile HotSpot Rentals

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Mobile Hotspot Rental VillaDirect Orlando Florida Vacation Homes

Stay connected on your vacation

At VillaDirect, we understand the need stay connected, especially when traveling. Most cell phones and mobile devices available in the market also now offer a mobile Hot-Spot feature. But the costs of roaming service and data-downloads from the networks (while you’re on vacation) can put a “serious dent” in anyone’s budget! Most of all, the MiFi Mobile HotSpot offers an easy, reliable and a fixed cost alternative. Therefore, MiFi is a must-have for guests who need to stay connected while on vacation here in Orlando.


As our guest you can rent a MiFi wireless Internet mobile Hot-Spot while on vacation here in Orlando. Or you can rent in advance for the same amount (by doing this you guarantee that a MiFi will be available for your stay). As a result… if you rent a MiFi… you won’t miss a beat or a video while you’re here. It’s a small stand-alone unit that also allows up to 5 simultaneous users internet access almost anywhere. Using the MiFi mobile HotSpot, you’ll also enjoy Internet access wherever you are in the Orlando area. Whether in your vacation home, by the pool, or touring Orlando’s famous theme parks the MiFi will probably be your best friend on vacation.

Device information

The MiFi connects your device to the Verizon mobile broadband network, and creates an instant Hot-Spot. This supports up to five WiFi enabled devices (computers, tablets, gaming devices and more) in a 10 meter radius. Furthermore, the connection management software automatically installs and connects to the best available network for the selected mode. The on-board power and service status LED indicators display battery and also connection information. Plug the MiFi into mains power using the included wall charger, or go unplugged for up to 4 hours.


One (1) user = $9.95 per night (+tax)

Two (2) simultaneous users = $10.95 per night (+tax)

Three (3) simultaneous users = $11.95 per night (+tax)

Four (4) simultaneous users = $12.95 per night (+tax)

Five (5) simultaneous users = $13.95 per night (+tax)


Summary of terms

VillaDirect vacation homes - mobile WiFi hot-spot rentals

MiFi mobile Hot-Spot can be reserved at the time of booking. Guests can choose to add MiFi to their Lay Away and Stay installment payment plan.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Orlando vacation WiFi hot-spot rental

MiFi mobile Hot-Spot can also be rented to walk-in clients through the Welcome Center, if available.

VillaDirect vacation homes - MiFi Rentals - the mobile Hot-Spot

Guests will have to prepay for the number of nights they will require. In addition, there is a $350 deposit that will be charged to their credit card 7 days prior to arrival or at the time of booking.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Mobile WiFi rentals in Orlando

The device must be collected from the VillaDirect Welcome Center during business hours.

VillaDirect vacation homes - stay connected on vacation with our MiFi rental service

Separate rental agreements and deposit forms also need to be signed for MiFi units when they are checked out.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Stay connected on vacation in Orlando - rent the MiFi mobile Hot-Spot WiFi service

The device must be returned and checked back in at the Welcome Center on departure of the guest.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Rent a mobile Hot-Spot on vacation to Orlando

Refunds of the security deposits will be processed within three (3) days of the return, once the device has been checked for operation on return.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Stay connected on your vacation with the MiFi mobile WiFi Hot-Spot

Each device will automatically be set up for one (1) single user.

VillaDirect vacation homes - MiFi WiFi mobile Hot-Spot rentals for Orlando vacations

They can also be reset to accommodate a guest request of up to five (5) simultaneous users.

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