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Orlando Property Management Services

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Orlando property management

Protecting your investment

A vacation home is a valuable investment, and hiring a reputable company to protect that investment is a decision no homeowner should take lightly. Unlike many property management firms that rely on independent contractors that homeowners have no knowledge of, VillaDirect employs a dedicated in-house property care team. Our team is comprised of professional landscapers, housekeeping staff, pool cleaners and field service technicians, all of whom share one common goal: managing your investment and keeping it in perfect order for you, your family and your rental guests.

So how does VillaDirect take care of your property?



Upon the departure of each guest party, our housekeeping staff enters your home and performs a thorough clean of the entire property. The linens in all bedrooms are washed and/or replenished, and the bathrooms, kitchen and living areas are dusted, wiped down and vacuumed. The cleaning staff then checks each room to ensure that no personal items were left behind, documents any forgotten items and returns them to our Guest Services office for pick-up.

Once your home has met our rigid specifications for cleanliness, we perform a walk-through to make sure all doors and windows are locked and all appliances are safely shut off.

Home inspection

When guests love your home, they come back year after year, and that translates to higher rental income for you. The best way to ensure return guests to your rental property is to deliver a 5-star experience from the moment they arrive. That’s why VillaDirect’s home inspection team thoroughly checks and stages properties 48 hours prior to guest arrival. On days with same-day turnaround (one party arrives on the same day another leaves), inspectors typically arrive within 30 minutes of the cleaning team’s departure.
Our team inspects each bedroom to ensure they are clean and ready for arriving guests. They check the bathrooms and showers, living and dining areas, and review the pool/deck area to make sure that it has been cleaned and that the pool is free of leaves or debris. The home is then locked and left ready for the next arriving party.

Pest control

Keeping your home ready for guests means keeping pests out. We understand that a pest infestation can mean lost income to our homeowners, which is why we provide a regularly scheduled pest control services for a small fee, conveniently spread across your monthly statements. We work with nationally respected and licensed vendors to treat the inside and outside of your home at least four times a year, and if for any reason your home needs additional treatment, it is included at no extra cost to you.
If your property is located in a community which provides pest control via your HOA, we will work with them to ensure your home is fully protected and that services are performed in a manner that is convenient to you and your guests.

Pool service

Certified VillaDirect technicians service your pool every 6-9 days. Our sophisticated software keeps track of which pools have been cleaned so that no pool goes un-serviced. As part of the service, technicians will check chemical levels, clean filters, wash the pool deck, check that all pool equipment is in working order and vacuum and brush the inside of your pool. All of this ensures that your pool and spa will be crystal clear and in working order when you or your guests arrive.


When it comes to renting your vacation home, presentation is everything, so a positive first impression is crucial. Our landscapers visit each home on a weekly basis to perform services like mowing and edging which are provided to all of our property owners. This ensures that there is never any overgrowth on your property and that guests are impressed from the moment they pull up to your home. For a small fee, we can also provide tree trimming and irrigation system maintenance.

Regular home maintenance

When something goes wrong inside your vacation home, the last thing you want is to have a company that you are unfamiliar with to come in and take advantage of you. If you aren’t there, you could end up paying hundreds for something as simple as a burnt out light bulb. VillaDirect prides itself on providing peace of mind to our homeowners, which is why we employ a team experienced and skilled maintenance personnel to perform the day-to-day repairs and maintenance needed to keep your investment property in tip-top shape.
If there’s something that our team can’t handle, we have a list of approved contractors and equipment suppliers (for items that may need to be replaced or installed by a licensed contractor) that we can call on to quickly provide a repair or replacement. No repairs or replacements are performed without your explicit approval.


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