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Booking Values and Total Quoted

Booking Values And Total Quoted

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A short explanation of the Booking Values we need

“Booking Values” means the total value of the booking (that you are charging your guest) including any extras. These extras could include items like pool heat and a BBQ – before tax is applied. Please EXCLUDE ADW from the “Booking Values” as you will pay the tax due on this item when the booking is processed.

You must enter the value without a currency symbol, and without commas. If VillaDirect receives an owner reservation with a zero value against a reservation, then it cannot confirm the reservation. Whatever value you report in this section is the value that VillaDirect will report to the county and state tax departments (when making the sales and tourist tax payments on the month of arrival of your guest).

Step 1.

This is what you should be putting into your Booking Values in the first step of entering a booking into the system:

  • The total of the nightly rate you are charging your guest.
  • Pool Heat (if you are charging your guest for this).
  • Barbecue (if you are charging your guest for this).

Do NOT include ADW or the 4% Commission as those will be added later.

Step 2.

On the second step of entering a booking into the system, the system will add:

  • The ADW and Taxes for it.
  • The 4% commission fee.
  • The taxes for the amount you have entered into the booking value.

You would add the figure you entered into the first step (the Booking Value) and the total of the figure from the second step, plus the Departure Clean (if you are charging your guest for this) to get the amount you would quote to your guest for the total booking cost.

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