Vacation Home Rental FAQs from VillaDirect

Vacation Home Rental FAQs From VillaDirect

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Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers!

VillaDirect vacation homes - questions and answers about your stay

How do I make a reservation?

Using our home finder, you can find the perfect property for your vacation. Once you’ve decided on a home, you can also get a quote for specific dates, or call the reservations department for more information. In addition, if you choose to get a quote online, it will be e-mailed to you complete with a cost breakdown and date availability. Finally, you then have the option to either complete the booking online or through our reservations department by calling TOLL FREE (877) 259-9908 from the USA, or International callers can dial 001 (407) 409-8038.

VillaDirect vacation homes - frequently asked questions about Orlando vacation homes

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

No. Regardless of the total cost of your reservation, you can also book your dream vacation with just a $99 initial deposit. We are one of the only companies in our industry to offer a lay-away program, what we call Lay Away and Stay. Most of all, this unique payment option allows you to make payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis leading up to your stay, with the final installment required 60 days prior to arrival. You can even bundle your vacation rental, car rental and discounted attraction tickets into one package and split your payments up in a way that works for you and your budget.

VillaDirect vacation homes - answers to frequently asked questions from VillaDirect guests

Is the home I see online the one I will stay in?

Yes. The home you see online is where you will stay. We also include detailed descriptions and high-resolution photos of each property right on our website, so you know exactly what home you’re renting and what to expect when you arrive.

VillaDirect vacation homes - answers to your questions - before you stay

Are there any fees on top of my nightly rate?

Certain fees can apply depending on the options you choose. There are some standard fees at the end of the transaction for processing, damage protection and cleaning. But most of all, each vacation home still offers a significant savings over comparable hotels and resorts. Even after applicable fees, many of our guests still save between 40 and 60 percent when booking a vacation rental over a comparable hotel.

VillaDirect vacation homes - answers to questions from our guests

Am I protected against bad weather?

VillaDirect includes FREE hurricane protection coverage to all of our guests. If a hurricane warning is issued for the county in which you are staying by the National Hurricane Center, either within 48 hours prior to your arrival or during your stay, you can postpone your reservation by up to 12 months and yet still come back later. Especially relevant, if this occurs during your stay, you will be credited the days remaining on your reservation.

VillaDirect vacation homes - frequently asked questions and answers

What is your cancellation policy?

You can review our cancellation policy in detail in our property rental terms and conditions.

VillaDirect vacation homes - FAQs and answers from VillaDirect guests

Do you offer cancellation protection?

Yes. For just an additional $95 to your booking, you can travel with total peace of mind in addition. Read the terms and conditions of our cancellation protection plan here.

VillaDirect vacation homes - answers to the questions guests have for VillaDirect

How do I check in/check out of a vacation home?

First of all, check-ins and check-outs are a breeze with VillaDirect. On arrival you’ll stop by our centrally located Welcome Center to check in and receive your arrival package and unique door key code. We’ll also provide you with directions to your home. Once it comes time to leave, simply walk out the front door of the home, close it behind you and you’re done. Our SecurePASS locking system automatically locks the home and generates a new key code, so there’s no need to return to our offices to check out.

VillaDirect vacation homes - answers to the most common questions we get asked

When do I check in/check out?

Standard check-in time is after 4:00 p.m. EST, and standard check-out time is 10:00 a.m. EST.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Here are the answers to your questions

What am I responsible for when I check out?

There is no need to return to our offices to check out. We only request that you lock all windows and non-SecurePASS doors. Should you leave any items behind, they will be brought to our Guest Services office, where we can also arrange to have them shipped to you.

VillaDirect vacation homes - frequently asked - now answered!

How many people are allowed to stay in each home?

The occupancy of VillaDirect’s vacation homes ranges from 6 to 28 people, depending on the number of bedrooms and configuration/type of beds installed. Occupancy numbers are shown on each vacation home’s listing and are also shown on the rental agreement that is sent to you on booking.

VillaDirect vacation homes - answers to the most frequently asked questions

Can I bring my pet?

We love animals, but unfortunately, all of our vacation homes are currently pet-free zones. Please note: We regret that guests found to have brought a pet to a vacation rental will be charged for professional deep cleaning of the property at a charge based on the number of bedrooms for the property/unit.

VillaDirect vacation homes - simple answers to the most common questions we get asked

Are your properties non-smoking?

Smoking is not permitted inside any VillaDirect vacation rental. Please note: We regret that guests found to have smoked cigarettes/cigars/pipes or any tobacco or other based product inside a VillaDirect vacation rental will be charged for professional deep cleaning of the property at a charge based on the number of bedrooms for the property/unit.

VillaDirect vacation homes - FAQ for vacation homes in Orlando

Do your properties come with full-size kitchens?

Yes, every VillaDirect vacation rental comes with a fully-equipped, full-size kitchen. Appliances include a stove and oven, microwave, dishwasher, full-size fridge and coffee maker, in addition to an assortment of pans and flat-ware/cutlery.

VillaDirect vacation homes - FAQ for your vacation home rental from VillaDirect

Are linens and towels provided?

Yes. There are two sets of fresh linens provided for each bed. Furthermore towels are also supplied, with two of each type also provided for each registered occupant.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Answers to questions asked frequently

Are the homes cleaned daily?

Because our vacation rentals are maintained regularly, they are thoroughly cleaned immediately before and after your stay. You can optionally request additional mid-stay clean(s) for a small fee per clean.

VillaDirect vacation homes - The answers to your questions

Is there a telephone in the home?

Yes. There is a “land-line” telephone in every VillaDirect home. Almost all provide local and long distance (continental USA) phone calls. Please ask the Guest Services team or your reservations agent to confirm the type of phone and service provided at the property you will be staying in if you need to know in advance.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Answers to life, the universe and everything

Is parking available for RV’s or trailers?

While some of VillaDirect’s resort communities do offer designated RV/trailer parking, it is prohibited in most communities. However, another option is that there are several facilities in Orlando where you can store your RV or trailer for a small fee.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Orlando vacation home FAQs and answers

How close will I be to all the Orlando attractions?

Our portfolio includes over 350 vacation homes, so it all depends on where you decide to stay. Every VillaDirect vacation rental is within 15 miles of Orlando’s top theme parks and attractions, with many just one or two miles away from Mickey’s front door. No matter what vacation home you decide to stay in, you’re never more than a short drive from Orlando’s top destinations.

Answers to your frequently asked questions from VillaDirect vacation homes

Is there transportation to the attractions?

Since Orlando’s top attractions are large and spread out, may Florida visitors elect to rent a vehicle while on vacation. When you book with VillaDirect, you can use our complimentary concierge services to find a rental car, and even include it in the cost of your booking.

VillaDirect vacation homes - the most frequently asked and answered questions from VillaDirect

Can I buy attractions tickets through VillaDirect?

Yes. VillaDirect is a Disney Vacation Home Rental Connection company, and an authorized Walt Disney World® ticket seller. We also sell tickets to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Busch Gardens and many other central Florida parks, attractions and shows.

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