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Vacation Cancellation Protection From VillaDirect

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How to protect your vacation with our cancellation protection plan

VillaDirect Vacation Homes Orlando believes that no one should miss-out on their vacation because of events outside their control. As a result, we provide a low-cost vacation cancellation protection to all our guests. For just $95 a booking, your vacation is protected. Because of this, you can be sure that if “life gets in the way” of your travel plans – you’re covered.

First of all, with Vacation Cancellation Protection you are eligible to receive a full refund without penalties. You simply provide supported documentation that shows…

>  That the party leader or a member of your traveling party suffers a sickness or injury that prevents them from traveling.

>  You or a member of your traveling party is detained, required to serve on a jury or subpoenaed.

>  The party leader has lost their employment before the date of arrival.

Most of all, the refund applies to all deposits, full payments and partial payments up to three days prior to the arrival date.

In conclusion, the Company will only refund when the party leader triggers a claim. In addition, the party leader must also have completed the booking registration form. As a result, the booking registration form that is returned to the company must clearly show the names of all party members.

Cancellation protection also extends the Hurricane Protection coverage an additional 6 months. It also provides extra flexibility should a hurricane spoil your travel plans. When the National Hurricane Center issues a “hurricane warning” for the county in which you are staying… you will be able to re-book your vacation up to 18 months into the future. That’s an addition of an extra 6 months above the standard 12 months cover provided with the FREE Hurricane Protection Plan.


Please note:

If you cancel within 3 days of your arrival date, we will retain your 20% booking deposit together with the cancellation protection and processing fees. However all other sums are refunded under VillaDirect’s Vacation Cancellation Protection Plan. For cancelled bookings outside of 3 days, 100% of the deposit will be refunded, and only the cancellation protection and processing fees are withheld. Cancellation protection does not apply to the following:

>  A vehicle rental through VillaDirect or its agents/providers

>  Baby equipment rentals through VillaDirect Vacation Homes – Orlando

>  Attraction tickets ordered/paid for through VillaDirect

>  Processing fees paid to VillaDirect

>  Lay-Away-and-Stay fees paid to VillaDirect Orlando Vacation Homes

>  The cancellation protection fee itself

>  Any service ordered through VillaDirect provided by a third party

>  Any unpaid balance on guest bookings.


Deferment and change of dates notice:

If you have purchased cancellation protection, and travel restrictions are placed on you due to the pandemic, the Company may offer you a deferment of the booking, where you can defer your reservation to a later date. You may also choose to change the dates of your booking in the interim between placing the reservation and the arrival date. Please note that in either circumstance, the cancellation protection is no longer valid. Cancellation protection is specific to the original dates of the reservation. Deferment of dates or changing of dates invalidates the cancellation protection coverage for the future dates of stay. At the time of deferment or change of dates, you will be offered to renew the cancellation policy for the new dates or the deferment.

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