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Fun Facts About Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley

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Fun Facts about Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley

Fun Facts about Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley


Are you a true Potter fan? Have you read all the books, been sorted by the Sorting Hat and had a wand pick you at Ollivander’s? You’ll love these fun facts and stats straight from Diagon Alley!

Diagon Alley Entrance

There are 7,457 bricks at the entrance to Diagon Alley, and in total, they weigh more than 37,000 lbs. For comparison, that’s more than 4 African elephants! Tens of thousands of people pass through the brick entrance to the alley every day!


Diagon Alley Dragon

The Ukranian Ironbelly dragon that sits atop Gringotts Bank has breathed fire more than 15,000 times since the magical new area officially opened at Universal Orlando! According the Harry Potter universe wiki, the Ukranian Ironbelly dragon is the largest breed of dragon, reaching up to 6 tons in weight.

Diagon Alley Dragon Fire

That fire that’s been breathed 15,000 times…it has a temperature of 3,560 degrees Farenheit, over 16 times hotter than water at a rolling boil!

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

Remember the beautiful chandeliers in the Gringotts Bank lobby? The four of them include nearly 100,000 crystals with around 25,000 crystals each! 

Hogwarts Express Diagon Alley

And our personal favorite Diagon Alley stat: more than 5 million guests have traveled aboard the Hogwarts Express since the Alley officially opened! That’s nearly 20 times the entire population of Orlando, Florida!

Have you been to Diagon Alley yet? What are your favorite things to see in the Wizarding World?

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