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Get More From Epcot Food And Wine

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Get More From Epcot Food and Wine

Get More From Epcot Food and Wine

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival at Disney is packed with plenty of new things to do in 2015, as well as the traditional marketplace offerings we’ve come to expect from the festival over the past 20 years. But we want you to go beyond the market place and get more out of Epcot Food and Wine, so we’ve put together a selection of some of the more underappreciated activities like culinary demonstrations, seminars, beverage boot camps and more. Check it out below, and this year, get more out of Epcot Food and Wine!


Epcot food and Wine CulinaryCulinary Demonstrations

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival abounds with opportunities for you to elevate your talents in the kitchen as you expand your culinary prowess. You can learn from some of the world’s most celebrated chefs during 45-minute sessions, as you collect a hearty list of useful culinary tips. Then, you’ll dive into the wide range of flavors being prepared before your eyes as you sample each dish and beverage.






Epcot Food and Wine Beverage Boot CampBeverage Bootcamp

Epcot Food and Wine is offering a beverage boot camp to help you get in culinary shape on the double. It’s an all-new event where you’ll be able to discover the inspiration to create during a 2-hour intensive course from a prestigious beverage expert. You’ll have beverage boot camps to choose from: Exploring Wines from 1996 and I’ll Take Manhattans: History and Origins of Aromatic Bitters.

Wines from 1996 takes you back in time to sample two-decade old wines as you discuss how they’ve evolved and become more flavorful over nearly 20 years of aging. If cocktails are more your speed, you can choose I’ll Take Manhattans, and join award winning mixologist Dale DeGroff as your explore the history and styles of aromatic bitters and how they helped shape the making of one of the most timeless cocktails: the Manhattan. The session will be followed by a snack and sip reception with the master mixologist himself.




Epcot Food and Wine Cheese SeminarCheese Seminars

Really, who doesn’t love one type of cheese or another? The cheese seminars available at Epcot Food and Wine will allow you to delve into some cheesy goodness paired with a selection of beverages as you learn from world-class cheese experts. You’ll explore a wide range of international cheeses, learning about the unique features of cheese from each region as you pair them with wine, beer and other beverages. There are seven different cheese seminar options that whisk you away to various countries, from France, to the United States, Italy, Old World Europe and more!






Epcot Food and Wine Whats CookinWhat’s Cookin’ With…

After you’ve learned from them, you can dine with the top names in the food world as they share a dish and answer all your culinary questions. You’ll chow down on the guest of honor’s favorite dishes as they offer insights into what makes their savory selection special. After sipping a sparkling wine, you’ll have a question and answer session with your guest as they share the secret ingredient to their success. Click the link above for a full list of guests!


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