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Owner Booking Terms and Conditions

Owner Booking Terms And Conditions

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Important information regarding your own bookings and stays

This page provides the standard owner bookings terms and conditions of acceptance for an owner placing a reservation on the secure owner section of the website (URL, hereinafter referred to as the web site. All owner bookings and owner stays are subject to these terms and conditions.


VillaDirect Management LLC, hereinafter referred to as the Company, will only accept reservations for specified dates, on the specified property, from the Owner through the Owner booking administration section of the website. By placement of a reservation on the system, and payment of the charges levied, hereinafter called the Owner booking process, the owner agrees that they understand and will abide by these terms of acceptance and furthermore agrees to be bound by restrictions and covenants hereunder.


On completion and submission of Step 2 of the Owner booking process, the Company will deduct the total sum (as shown on the web page displayed) from the credit card details provided by the Owner. This total is calculated from the following items:

  • Nightly fee on homeowner generated bookings (no fee for owner stays), plus tax.
  • Sales and Tourist Tax (combined)
  • Accidental Damage Waiver fee (plus tax) for the reservation.

* Sales and Tourist tax is due for the county in which the property is located, that is due payable on the rental amount which the Owner has reported is being charged for the rental (in Step 1 of the process).

Where the booking is made within 30 days of the arrival date, the total sum (as shown on the web page displayed) will include the Sales and Tourist tax (combined) for the county in which the property is located, that is due payable on the rental amount which the Owner has reported is being charged for the rental (in Step 1 of the process).

Where the booking is made more than 30 days prior to the arrival date, the total sum payable at the reservation entry date will not include the Sales and Tourist tax payment. The amount required will be shown on the web page displayed. The Owner must make note of the due date for the Sales and Tourist tax, which will be 30 days prior to the arrival date.

By payment of the Owner Booking Fee, the Owner agrees to make the Sales and Tourist tax payment plus the Processing fee on or before the due date through the web site. Furthermore, the Owner accepts that their failure to make payment of the Sales and Tourist tax through the website by the due date will result in a penalty of $35 being levied and shown on the statement following the arrival of the guest, and that the Owner will pay such penalty.

Where an Owner enters a $0 booking value during the booking process, the Owner understands and acknowledges that the Company will report the days/nights booked at zero rental value to the appropriate tax authorities as part of the monthly reporting performed. Furthermore, the Owner understands and agrees that any action by said authorities to audit or recover taxes deemed payable by the Owner (over and above those reported to the Company as payable) will be the Owners responsibility. The Company will only pay the taxes due where paid by the Owner to the Company, and as reported by the Owner.

Confirmed Booking

The Owner must complete an on-line transaction form in order to place a reservation with the Company. On completion of the Owner booking process, and following successful on-line processing of the payment from the Owner, the Company will confirm the reservation details entered by the Owner to the email address registered for that Owner. This email will confirm the dates and information provided by the Owner as part of the Owner booking process, and be a receipt for the amount paid by the Owner to the Company.

Only on receipt of a second email confirmation directly from the reservations department of the Company should the Owner regard the reservation as confirmed. The reservation will show on the availability chart within 1  (one) working day of processing. It is important to understand that the NAME of the guest provided by the Owner will be the name provided on the arrival pack and keys provided on arrival. Where there is a conflict on time/date of reservation between the Owner and the Company, the date and time of the initial booking confirmation email will be used to determine the time of the reservation, and the first reservation confirmed (either the Owner or Company booking) will apply.


Amendments to individual reservations must be notified through the Owner section (sub-section Properties/Bookings). Amendments can only be accepted where either the start or end date overlaps the original booking date range, providing those dates are available to book, otherwise the amendment will be regarded as a cancellation (see terms for cancellation below). In addition, an amendment will only be accepted where the guest name remains the same as provided with the original Owner booking. Amendments are processed manually. On completion of an amendment form for a specific reservation, a copy of the amendment will be sent to the Owner, and a copy to the reservations department of the Company.

Confirmation of the booking amendment will be separately sent to the Owner by email within 1 (one) working day. There will be no credits of the Owner Booking Fee resulting from a reduction in the length of a booking, although reductions to the tax payable will be credited to the next owner monthly statement. Any additional Owner Booking Fee or increase in tax due payable resulting from an increase in the number of nights booked will be charged to the Owner on their next monthly statement.

Rental Period

The Owner agrees, and the Company permits the Rental Period to begin and end on the dates provided by the Owner on the Owner booking process. In the event that a Guest exceeds their stay at the property, the Company reserves the right to evict the guest unless advised by the Owner as an amendment to the booking on line.

Check In

Check in to the Property is after 4:00 pm on the date of arrival as provided by the Owner on the Owner booking process. The Owner cannot request an early check in for their guest. At the sole discretion of the Company, any Guest arriving to collect keys before that time may be refused.

Check Out

Check out is on the date of departure as provided by the Owner on the Owner booking process, at 10:00 am. All keys must be returned to the offices of the Company by 11:00 am on the date of departure. At the sole discretion of the Company, any Guest wishing late departure may be refused. In the event that it is found that the Guest has not departed the property on the date of departure, at the due time, then the Guest will pay a penalty charge of one days rental or such a charge will be levied to the Owner statement in the month of departure where a guest refuses to depart on time.

Basis of Rental

Properties offered for short-term rental through the Company are provided on a self-catering basis. The Company provides a complimentary starter pack of toiletries, including soap, toilet paper, trash begs, etc. Once these items are used, it is the Guests responsibility to replenish them. The Owner agrees that the Guest will be advised to collect their Arrival Guide pack from the offices of the Company on arrival. The Owner further agrees not to direct the guest to travel directly to the property for entry for security reasons.


The Owner may cancel a booking at any time. In the event that the Owner exercises their right to cancel, the Company will refund the Sales and Tourist Tax received from the Owner (as provided by the Owner through the Owner booking process), and also the Accidental Damage Waiver (and Tax on that charge) paid following cancellation. Such refunds of payments will be made in the next Owner statement following cancellation.

The Company will not refund the Owner booking fee on cancellation of a booking. Where an owner makes a change to the guest name to a reservation, or changes to the dates of a reservation such that they do not overlap, the existing reservation will be canceled, and the above cancellation rules will apply. In such cases, the owner will need to cancel the existing reservation and make a new booking and pay the charges as calculated and shown.

The Company regrets that it is unable to waive any of the cancellation charges above, whatever the circumstances.

Termination of the Property Management Agreement between the Owner and the Company will result in automatic cancellation of reservations beyond the termination date. Any refunds due of Sales and Tourist Tax, or ADW will be calculated and added to the final account of the Owner.

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