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Disney Villa from VillaDirect

Why you need a Disney Villa from VillaDirect for your next Disney vacation Are you considering vacationing at Disney World in Orlando, Florida? When we think of vacation we think of words like fun and comfort. There is something you may not have considered about extending that fun and comfort. During your time at Walt Disney World Resort® book a Disney villa with VillaDirect. When you look for accommodations for your family on your next trip try a vacation home. A Disney Vill...

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Let the Turkey Live, We’re Going to Disney World!

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Everyone enjoys getting together with extended family and enjoying a large turkey.  And even though this get together at a person's home is a fantastic time,  the family that does the hosting usually ends up doing it year after year.  Sometimes you have to mix things up to create memories that last forever.  So let the turkey live this year and take everyone to Orlando to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mickey. Walt Di...

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4 Steps to an Affordable Disney Vacation

. Step one: Drive, don't fly. If at all possible, drive. We understand flying if you’re coming from across the country, across the pond or across the world, but if you can make it happen, driving the family can be 3-5 times cheaper than buying plane tickets for everyone. Of course, you have to factor in the lost time, but if we’re talking about pure cost, driving is your best bet when you’re on a budget. Not to mention, Orlando isn’t a very compact city, which means a car will be nec...

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How to Pack for a Disney Vacation

An important part of any dream vacation is making sure to pack right for the occasion. A trip to Disney World is no different! Take a look at these quick tips on how to pack for a Disney vacation to get the most magic out of your stay! . Light clothing. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World in Florida, you already know the sun is going to be a factor. Ask anyone how to pack for a Disney vacation, or a Florida vacation in general, and they'll tell you: be sure to pack light, moisture-wic...

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