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Travel agent qualifications

Travel Agent Qualifications

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What we need to register an agent/agency with VillaDirect

VillaDirect works with thousands of travel agents around the world. Hundreds book their clients with us each year. Each of our registered travel agents and agencies entrust their clients to our hospitality daily.

We go the extra mile to deliver a dream vacation to the clients of our travel agents. We make sure that each guest leaves satisfied and eager to book with you again. Take a look at our travel agent qualifications below to see if you’re eligible to be a part of the program.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Travel agent qualificationsTravel agents and agencies

Most of our agents fall into this category. Traditional travel agents and agencies provide us with an affiliation number or identity which signifies that they are an accredited travel agent or agency. The registration form provides a drop-down affiliation field to let us now which group your agency is associated with. Travel agents and agencies enjoy the full benefits of the VillaDirect Travel Agent program.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Travel agent qualificationsSales agents

We welcome Sales agents to our program. Sales agents are typically companies or individuals that work in affiliated businesses or industries that have customers looking for accommodations. By registering as a sales agent with VillaDirect, their recommendation can earn them a commission on each guest they refer.

VillaDirect vacation homes - Travel agent qualificationsOwner agents

Many of our property owners register in to the VillaDirect agent program. This allows them to book our other homes and still earn commissions – especially relevant when their own property already has a guest booked! This way they don’t have to “turn away” guests if their home has a reservation. They can simply book the guest in to one of our other fabulous homes. The owner can be confident that the guest will get a fabulous vacation and will also book again in future!

VillaDirect vacation homes - Travel agent qualificationsHome agents

Our final classification is Home agents. These individuals are typically past guests or home-workers who want to stay in Orlando at little or no rental cost. By booking friends and co-workers through their agency number, they can build credits to allow them to get BIG discounts or free vacation stays in our vacation homes.



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