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Group Vacations And Travel

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VillaDirect—The perfect solution for groups and reunions

The point of group vacations is to be together, so why split up, pay more and enjoy less in cramped and expensive hotel rooms?  With over 250 Orlando vacation rentals, many of which are located next door to one another, VillaDirect is the perfect option for group vacations and travel. Not only can staying with VillaDirect save you from 40-70%, but in our homes, you can enjoy luxury amenities like private pools and spas, full-size kitchens, private master suites, game rooms, home theaters and more. A dedicated member of our Guest Services team also works exclusively with you to plan every detail of your group vacation getaway, from finding the right accommodations to suit your needs to making arrangements for extra-special occasions like weddings, birthday parties and other festivities.


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VillaDirect group vacations vs. Hotels—The cost breakdown


Let’s say you’re traveling with a party of 10. If you book a hotel room at an average 3-star hotel in the Orlando area, a great rate could be $89 a night. For three rooms (assuming you would like to sleep four to a room) that rate becomes $267 a night. Include standard taxes and fees, and that bill would be over $2500 for the week! If you’re traveling with more than 10 people, that bill could end up even higher.

 VillaDirect Savings Group Vacations Orlando Rentals


With VillaDirect, you could book a spacious and luxurious FIVE bedroom home rental for that very same week, and it would cost less than $1200, even after taxes and fees. That’s over a 50% savings on lodging alone, and you’re enjoying more space, more privacy and more standard amenities for your money. With larger homes for bigger parties, the savings over comparable hotel accommodations are even greater. Plus, every VillaDirect vacation home is also just minutes away from all of Orlando’s top attractions, including Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

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