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5 Reasons To Choose Vacation Rentals Vs Hotels

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5 Reasons to Choose Vacation Rentals vs Hotels

5 Reasons to Choose Vacation Rentals vs Hotels


Vacations are always something we look forward to. However, where we’re going to stay while on vacation usually becomes somewhat of an afterthought. The obvious choice is a hotel right? They’re easy to find and usually in the heart of most travel destinations. Not so fast. If you’re looking to get the MOST for your money, you might want to reconsider and explore vacation rentals. Here are our top reasons to choose vacation rentals vs hotels.



Did you know that the average cost of a SINGLE hotel room is $118 per night, but that average rate for a 1300 square foot condo with room for 6 people is just $99 a night? Depending on where you go, you can find multi-bedroom vacation rentals for as little as $58 per night. Depending on the size of your traveling party and how long you want to stay, that can mean hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in savings.


It’s a pretty simple question: Why would you pay more, for less? In addition to costing significantly more than the average vacation rental, most Orlando hotel rooms are between 400-800 square feet and have only two beds in a single room. There’s nowhere to put your luggage, enjoy a family movie together or just sprawl out and relax without being on top of one another. Even smaller vacation rentals offer a real, spacious living area separate from your sleeping quarters.



Staying in a hotel room with paper thin walls and a community pool means it can be pretty tough to find any privacy. Vacation homes offer private bedrooms, pools and spas, so that after a long day of vacation activities, you can either retire to separate spaces or enjoy time together as if you were in your own home.



Many vacation rentals come with amenities that will have you feeling like you never left home. Two of the biggest standouts include full-size kitchens and washers and dryers. These allow you to save money on dining out and pack only what you really need, making for an easier trip. Other amenities that are standard in many vacation rentals include WiFi and telephone service.



One thing about vacation rentals is all the little extras that make vacation that much sweeter. Many rentals enjoy private pools and spas, outside barbecues, game rooms and even home theaters. Considering that you’re actually paying less to enjoy all those luxury features, why wouldn’t you?


Surprisingly enough, most people don’t consider vacation rentals when looking to go on vacation, but they do offer great value and are perfect for almost any occasion.


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