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Travelers Want Cancelability – Flexible Cancellation Policy

On any given day there are a number of unforeseeable circumstances that can cause us to deviate from a pre-arranged schedule. Real-life technicalities like coming down with an illness or having to re-prioritize is just a simple fact of life. Spring is here and the term flexible cancellation is trending because families are busier than ever pulling together schedules and trying to book a fun-filled summer vacation. Travelers really do want assurance that if plans change, they won't be out hun...

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How Millennials Book Vacations?

It is the job of every company to figure out how to appeal to its target audience. For many travel businesses, the target audience is millennials. Believe it or not, people in this demographic are now young adults. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for those in the travel and tourism industry to understand what they want and how to target them. Fortunately, there are many helpful insights to consider when it comes to how millennials book vacations and general travel. Soci...

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Why Are More People Making Last Minute Vacation?

If you're stuck in a rut, tired of the weather, or have grown weary of your day-to-day grind at the office, you're probably looking for a way to boost your spirits. In our opinion, there's nothing better to lift your mood than a last minute vacation to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World.  If you've never thought about last minute vacations before, we'll tell you why taking a quick trip might work perfectly for you and your unique life circumstances. Save Money by Booking Last Minute Trip...

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Instant Bookings Are So Much Better

The travel and tourism industry has undergone significant change within the past few decades. The rapid increase in technology and the advent of the internet has transformed the way that people look at vacations. People used to plan trips months and sometimes even years in advance. Millennials are growing up in a unique time where this prep time before a vacation has significantly dropped. Instant bookings are now the norm and have become an expected part of . Many people won't even consi...

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Why Are People Booking Shorter Vacations?

It's the growing trend that is changing the face of vacations as we know it. Travelers are now opting for shorter, sporadic trips rather than one or two long holidays per year. This trend is popular among millennials, and their love of travel is no secret. Short vacations are all the rage, while two-week absences seem to be out of style. Why are millennials choosing short spurts away over extensive getaways? One reason that short trips are becoming popular is the increased availability ...

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