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Why Are People Booking Shorter Vacations?

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Why Are People Booking Shorter Vacations?

Why Are People Booking Shorter Vacations?

It’s the growing trend that is changing the face of vacations as we know it. Travelers are now opting for shorter, sporadic trips rather than one or two long holidays per year. This trend is popular among millennials, and their love of travel is no secret. Short vacations are all the rage, while two-week absences seem to be out of style. Why are millennials choosing short spurts away over extensive getaways?

One reason that short trips are becoming popular is the increased availability of inexpensive flights. Residents of the Tampa Bay area can fly to almost anywhere in the country with Allegiant, an airline offering direct flights out of St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport for rates as low as 45 dollars. This Tampa-based company can take you all over the state of Florida, including Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. These flights typically run on Thursdays and Sundays, making four-day weekends in Florida a cinch. Other airlines around the country use a similar business model to make short trips affordable for almost everyone.

No matter the reason why you decide to take a short vacation, just relax, enjoy it, and know that you deserve it!

Many youngsters feel that the benefits of short vacations are the same as the benefits of long ones. They still return to work feeling refreshed and energized and get to experience the post-vacation high multiple times a year. They feel more productive and don’t dread returning to work with two weeks’ worth of missed emails, phone calls, and assignments.

People are also falling in love with rich experiences like festivals. They don’t want to spend two weeks in a resort doing the same thing every day. People want to experience something brand-new and connect with others. A two-day music festival or art show provides more fulfillment than two weeks sitting by the pool. Renting a vacation home for short stays makes it easier than ever for people to find pop-up events and things to do within a few hours’ drive.

Find Perfect Short Stay Vacation Home.

An unfortunate driving factor in the rise of short vacations is the “guilt-trip.” Many people feel guilty taking time off from work for a vacation, even if they have accrued those hours off fair and square. Vacation-shaming is real, and many people would rather lose their time off than lose their co-workers approval of them. It’s a sad reality that is causing people to book shorter vacations, or completely forgo them altogether.

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