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Posts tagged "Family travel tips"

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How Age Affects Our Vacation?

Choices for Vacations Are Linked to People's Ages It is normal for people to change many of their attitudes as they grow older. For instance, what they once thought was exciting as a youth may no longer pique their interest later. A recent study indicates that where they wish to travel does change for people as they grow older. For some, aging has brought on injuries, arthritis and other health issues that factor into where they are willing to travel, and what they can do on a trip. But, ...

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Travel Safety First – Be Prepared?

First, Orlando and the parks are super safe! Dickensian pickpockets aren’t a problem in the sunny world of Orlando amusement parks, but you may still want to think of travel safety first when you . This is especially true if you have children. In the information age, it’s easier for little things to make a bigger impact than expected. Mobile Phone Settings Adjust your cell phone settings before leaving the house to keep your information and money safe. Turn off BlueTooth compatibility,...

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Travelers Want Cancelability – Flexible Cancellation Policy

On any given day there are a number of unforeseeable circumstances that can cause us to deviate from a pre-arranged schedule. Real-life technicalities like coming down with an illness or having to re-prioritize is just a simple fact of life. Spring is here and the term flexible cancellation is trending because families are busier than ever pulling together schedules and trying to book a fun-filled summer vacation. Travelers really do want assurance that if plans change, they won't be out hun...

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What I Learned About My Family Disney Vacation

In the summer of 2018, my wife and I were asked to join her daughter's clan to go to Walt Disney World® in Orlando, Florida.  And I am glad she did because we had a fabulous time! And we were able to spend some quality time with the family. My Family Disney Vacation As with all things there are some things that I could have done differently.  This is my family Disney vacation story to give you some tips of what I learned along the way. It is good to have an end to journey toward; but i...

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Orlando Vacation Home Rentals

There are a lot of  benefits of vacation homes that make them a super attractive option for your next vacation. Of course, your next vacation is probably to Orlando because everyone comes here, and with many good reasons. Walt Disney World® is probably not the least among them, right? If you want to be in the thick of it all with access to the parks, shopping, and great food,  yet have your own private oasis of peace that makes you feel as though you are also a million miles away from it ...

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