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Travel Safety First – Be Prepared?

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Travel Safety First – Be Prepared?

Travel Safety First – Be Prepared?

First, Orlando and the parks are super safe! Dickensian pickpockets aren’t really a problem in the sunny world of Orlando amusement parks, but you may still want to think of travel safety first when you plan a vacation. This is especially true if you have children. In the information age, it’s easier than ever for little things to make a bigger impact than you expect.

Mobile Phone Settings

To keep your information and money safe, make sure you adjust your cell phone settings before leaving the house. Turn off BlueTooth compatibility, and don’t let your phone automatically connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots. While you’re adjusting settings, restrict applications from discerning your location. What Facebook and Instagram can’t see, Facebook and Instagram can’t share.

Do Not “Check In”

Google tracks you through your smart phone, and so do many other apps. Sometimes, you make it even easier for these third parties to track you by “checking in” to locations, like special spots in Disney, cool restaurants, or even your hotel.

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This may show up on your social media, announcing to the world that you and your children are in an unfamiliar place and that your home is currently unoccupied.

Save the Photo Upload for Home

You want to share your adventures with friends and family. That’s lovely! Unfortunately, family photos can reveal a few too many details to people who may not have your security in mind. When you’re tempted to share a picture of your kids striking a pose on the balcony, remember: travel safety first. It’s terribly easy to hack Facebook and other social media sites, so anything you share there could become public overnight. If a predator recognizes your rental home or the plates on your rental car, you give them an advantage.

Consider a Kiddie Leash

A lot of parents have very mixed feelings about using “kiddie leashes“, those little backpacks small children wear with a leash attached to a parent’s wrist. It does sound pretty backwards, but it is amazingly helpful for many parents. The fact is, not all kids do well holding hands or riding in a stroller all day. They want to explore, and many will, whether their parents agree or not. These little parenting tools give kids some freedom while greatly reducing the risk of accidental separation in public. Consider the benefits:

  • You keep your hands free.
  • Fewer fits.
  • Your baby won’t disappear the second she sees her favorite princess.

Don’t let these tips scare you. Florida is a very safe place, and honestly a lot of these tips are for your home’s safety while you’re away. Just, please, stay safe as you travel.

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