Orlando Attraction tickets

Orlando Attraction Tickets

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When you buy Orlando attraction tickets from VillaDirect, peace of mind is part of the package. First of all, we provide discounted tickets directly from Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and many more. We’ve got the tickets for all of Orlando’s most popular attractions waiting for you.

Authorized Disney Ticket SellerVillaDirect only sells new, unused, authorized and genuine tickets… So no “surprises” at the theme park gates! Some guests are also tempted by cheaper ticket deals at gas stations and ticket malls – don’t fall for the scam! Even though the tickets can appear to be as much as 20, 30 or 40% cheaper, that’s usually because they’re used or counterfeit tickets. Like many before, you could be turned away at the theme park turnstile and the tickets confiscated at the park!

VillaDirect has been authorized and is regularly inspected and checked by the main theme parks. This quality control ensures that the service and product that we provide to our guests is exactly what the theme parks expect for customers.

Your tickets can also be included in your vacation package and paid for over time using our Lay Away and Stay plan, or they can be purchased at check-in at our Welcome Center.


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