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Budget Vacation Then The Off-Season Is For You

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Budget Vacation then the Off-Season is for You

Budget Vacation then the Off-Season is for You

In the summer, during the height of travel season, Venice sinks under the weight of tourism. Yes, the Italian lagoon city literally sinks, two to three meters each year to be exact. Disney World is similar. While the poplar theme park isn’t actually sinking into the Florida swampland, if you visit the popular park during high travel season, your heart may sink at the site of long lines, congestion, and the number of tourists invading Main Street USA.

Disney During the Off-Season: When the Magic Kingdom is So Very Magical

The best way to beat the Disney rush is to visit the theme park during the off-season, when a trip to the Magic Kingdom is actually magical and more like a budget vacation. Here are three reasons to book a Disney holiday during the off-season.

Less Crowds

Disney is one of the hottest vacation destinations on the planet. It’s a crowded place that attracts millions of tourists each year. In an attempt to combat crowds and ease congestion, Disney recently banned large strollers. While the ban is designed to improve the flow of foot traffic, it’s still better to visit the park when there’s less traffic altogether.

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The off-season is a decidedly less busy time at Disney than July, August, or during school vacation weeks. You won’t have to wait in line for two hours to ride Space Mountain or It’s a Small World.

Less Stress

Less crowds means less stress, and less stress means a happier, more relaxed vacation. Reservations at Disney accommodations and popular restaurants are easier to book during the off-season, as are vacation rental homes in the Orlando area. When the crowds are light, you’ll be able to see more of the park without having to rush around plotting an itinerary like a high-strung recreation director. More importantly, with fewer tourists around, you won’t have to worry that your little one is going to get knocked over by a wagon stroller that’s twice his or her size.

More Incentives

During the off-season, the rates at Disney World are often lower. There are a wealth of discount packages and special offers, too, including incentives like the Disney Dining Plan. Discounts on merchandise and transportation are also off-season perks, and so are many accommodations in the area all making your trip to Disney like a budget vacation.

Disney is a magical place during the off-season, a budget-friendly holiday that’s as glorious as Cinderella’s Castle.


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