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How Millennials Book Vacations?

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How Millennials Book Vacations?

How Millennials Book Vacations?

It is the job of every company to figure out how to appeal to its target audience. For many travel businesses, the target audience is millennials. Believe it or not, people in this demographic are now young adults. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for those in the travel and tourism industry to understand what they want and how to target them. Fortunately, there are many helpful insights to consider when it comes to how millennials book vacations and general travel.

Social Media is a Must

One of the key ways that millennials book vacations or even get inspired to take vacations is via social media.

So, what social media sites are millennials using these days? While it seems that new ones are always popping up, popular networking sites include:

Via these sites, people find out about popular travel destinations through others. They also may see and respond to ads that make a place look idyllic and wonderful, often via video. Thus, the best way to target millennials and to make a place look like a particularly desirable spot to visit is through various social media sites.

Vacation Home Rentals are Better than Hotels

At one time, hotels were the “go to” for all travelers. But that trend is changing.

Staying in a hotel was a fun and novel thing that people looked forward to. Nowadays, however, with the younger generation, people would prefer to stay in vacation home rentals. For proof of this, just look to the popularity of short stay bookings which allow people to rent out homes, townhomes and condominiums. Today’s young people want to stay in comfortable, roomy spots that allow them to really experience Orlando area they are in…not in stuffy hotels.

Far-in-Advance Bookings are Not Common

Millennials grew up in an age in which anything they wanted was readily available, often with just the swipe of a finger. This mentality has led to people who do not typically book their trips very far in advance.

Instant Booking to Find Perfect Home Rental

As such, VillaDirect offers spur-of-the-moment getaways with no advanced booking … call our free travel concierge TOLL FREE at (866) 934-9177 to find out more.  The world is changing, and the travel industry has to change along with it. If it doesn’t, there is no way it can properly accommodate or appeal to millennial travelers.


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