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Orlando’s Top Haunted Houses

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Orlando’s Top Haunted Houses

Orlando’s Top Haunted Houses


Orlando’s theme parks go all out for Halloween, making the “City Beautiful” one of the country’s top destinations for fright-lovers. But there’s more scary to this city than what’s inside the parks. Below you can find some of the area’s top haunts, where you can get your fright on and experience a little more of what makes Orlando so special come Halloween.


A Petrified Forest Halloween Orlando VillaDirect Vacation HomesA Petrified Forest

Located in Altamonte Springs just outside Orlando’s city limits, A Petrified Forest is in its 7th year of bringing a whole new level of scary to eager visitors. A Petrified Forest is well-known in the Orlando-area for providing serious bang for your buck (tickets start at just $15 per person), and is located outside in a forest complete with chill-inducing, creepy cornfield. Groups are let in only 6 at a time to provide the ultimate scare experience, and characters are given the freedom to change the routine, so you never experience the same terror twice! With extras like mutant laser tag and total eclipse night (where you have no lights and a single glow stick for the entire group), this haunted house experience is a can’t miss night of fright.




Legends A Haunting at Old Town Halloween Orlando VillaDirect Vacation HomesLegends: A Haunting in Old Town

Legends: A Haunting in Old Town replaced the hugely popular “Grimm House” in Kissimmee, which closed late last year. This year-round haunted house follows the story of Archibald Ashdown and his sons, undertakers who moved to Old Town in 1889. The Ashdowns laid plenty of people to rest over the years, but unfortunately, many were still alive at the time, and they now haunt the Legends location. This haunted house is one of the most unique in the area, with the Ashdowns greeting guests as they arrive to assure them nothing is “out of the ordinary” in their humble funeral parlor, but of course, this notion is dead wrong! Tickets are just $15 per person, with separate 90 minute tour available for $20.



A Shallow GraveThe Shallow Grave

This fan-favorite independent scare attraction was dreamt up by a local man, his wife and mother, and has become one of the top Orlando destinations for fright-seekers wanting something a little different from Halloween Horror Nights. Inside an anonymous industrial warehouse interior awaits the hatchet-faced Thaddeus Van Buren, an undertaker turned cannibal with a penchant for dragging screaming victims through the packed waiting room. Guests tour Thaddeus’ home and business, from the kitchen to the murderous morgue and ghoulish graveyard. The mazes in this haunted attraction are actually said to rival or exceed the mazes at Universal Studios in most respects, making this scream factory definitely worth a look. Tickets are $15 per person, per haunt and a $25 combo ticket grants you access to both of the Shallow Graves popular haunts.






For those seeking a scare a little different from what can be found at the popular Halloween Horror Nights and Howl-O-Scream, these three independent attractions offer viable alternatives and fantastic bang for your buck. Try visiting all three, and enjoy three serious nights of fright!


Have you been to any of the haunted houses on our list? How was it? Are there any other haunted attractions you think should be on our list?


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