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Star Wars Is Set To Invade Disney World In Fall Of 2019

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Star Wars Is Set To Invade Disney World In Fall Of 2019

Star Wars Is Set To Invade Disney World In Fall Of 2019

In the autumn of 2019, Walt Disney World will open its hotly anticipated Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge land in Hollywood Studios. Visitors to this immersive new area will have access to two major rides, shops, restaurants, and even a hotel. Let’s take a peek at some of the most exciting attractions you could experience on a trip to this galaxy far, far away!

Travel At Light-Speed On The Millennium Falcon

Without a doubt, the most anticipated ride in Galaxy’s Edge is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. As the name suggests, this interactive ride will put you and five other riders inside the cockpit of Han Solo’s famed spaceship.

According to the latest reports, you and your ride-mates will be responsible for transporting stolen goods across the galaxy. Everyone onboard the Millennium Falcon will be assigned one of three tasks: piloting, maintenance, or shooting off scary Tie-Fighters. Apparently there will be over 200 different commands you and your teammates will have to hit at the right moments—but, no pressure, right? The storyline of this ride will change depending on how well you perform your tasks, so be sure to ride again to check out alternate endings.

Join The Fight Against Kylo Ren

The second attraction in Galaxy’s Edge will be a trackless ride called “Rise of the Resistance.” Disney executives say this new immersive ride will put riders against the dangerous forces of Kylo Ren. Before the final battle against Ren, however, you’ll get to pass underneath AT-ATs and visit the Star Destroyer hangar.

Find Your Star Wars Vacation Home

It’s expected that each of these “First Order” pods will hold eight guests. Although not much else is known about this ride, Disney has hinted that there will be at least 18 scenes you and your family will experience.

Shopping & Dining In Batuu

After you’ve gone on both of these exciting new rides, it’s time to explore more of what Galaxy’s Edge has to offer. Actually, “Galaxy’s Edge” is supposed to be the planet Batuu, which is an outpost for intergalactic smugglers. As you walk around this area, you’re sure to come across many colorful creatures and dazzling droids. Feel free to purchase a few unique items from street vendors, and then stop by Oga’s Cantina for live music, snacks, and a few glasses of Blue Milk (which is based on a drink mentioned in Star Wars: A New Hope).

As you could see, you’re bound to have many thrilling experiences on your journey to Galaxy’s Edge this fall.

Of course, the only way to see what all the hype is about is to visit Galaxy’s Edge for yourself.

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