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Supersized (9 Bedroom+) Vacation Home Rentals

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Supersized (9 Bedroom+) Vacation Home Rentals

Supersized (9 Bedroom+) Vacation Home Rentals

With all they hype surrounding large vacation home rentals, many people are trying them out to see how great it is for themselves. In the past the price had kept these homes out of reach for families on a budget. Yet for larger families that enjoy together time for a week, the savings can be tremendous and often the memories are some that you will take with you for the rest of your life. You can actually live in and enjoy someone else’s Orlando mansion for a week or two in what is called “supersized vacation home rentals”: It’s very cool! In Osceola and other counties in Florida, mansions are being built for this very purpose.
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One ex-Dell executive actually quit his job in order to keep up with the full-time demand of renting out his eight McMansions.


By renting a “McMansion” with 9-10 bedrooms for a short period of time at $1,000 per night, the total cost per person in a 20-person family or group is just $50 per night! Yet it feels much more at home to have your own private family mansion that is typically equipped with a pool and hot tub than it is to have to share a community pool with toddlers who may pee in the water. When you rent a mansion, you usually also have access to a huge kitchen and a huge flat-screen OLED where you can connect to Netflix and watch TV in your downtime: something that comes at a steeper price at Walt Disney World or a hotel. On top of this, you don’t have to walk half a mile just to get to your car.

Additional Benefits

The other great benefit with renting supersized vacation home rentals is that you’re usually just a 20 minute drive or less to your destination. Homes with higher prices are typically safer than places where it costs less to rent, and many times Orlando McMansions are located in gated communities with security gates for higher protection, too. When you stop to think about it for a minute and add up all of the benefits, it really does make more sense to throw down on a mansion for a week than to fight for parking and overpay in hotel or theme park with fees coming at you in every direction.

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