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Vacation Home Rental Will Surpass Hotel Room Availability By 2021

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Vacation Home Rental Will Surpass Hotel Room Availability by 2021

Vacation Home Rental Will Surpass Hotel Room Availability by 2021

The number of people staying at a vacation home rental will actually surpass people staying at a hotel as more and more travelers are discovering the benefits that come with a vacation home villa, condo, or townhouse rental. The following are just a few of the many reasons to make the switch from a traditional hotel stay.

  • Value
  • Privacy
  • Amenities


A vacation home rental can be quite affordable, especially if you are traveling with teens or in a large group. Once you take the time to do the math, you will see the savings. A big group, or a family with older children, will need two standard hotel rooms at the very least. This alone can add up to more than what you would pay for one vacation home with multiple bedrooms and baths. You will also save on additional resort fees for things like parking.

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Vacation home rentals are often located on a private lot or within a gated community. You can park right outside of your door just like you do at home, and you won’t have other guests walking past your door throughout the night. Privacy works both ways. When you stay in a vacation home, you don’t have to worry about excited little ones or loud teens bothering the other guests. The kids can enjoy their own bedroom, and the parents can stay up later without disturbing them.


Don’t think that you will have to give up those great resort amenities when you rent a vacation home. Most rental homes have access to a public swimming pool, and many have a small private pool right at the house for your use only. You can easily find ones equipped with a washer and dryer for your convenience, and full kitchens will stretch your vacation budget even further by allowing you to eat meals before going to the parks.

If you want an affordable place to stay the next time you visit Orlando, consider renting a vacation home instead of a typical hotel room. You will love the privacy you get as well as the price you will pay. Don’t worry. You won’t be giving up any of the amenities you are used to having while staying in a hotel.

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