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Why Travel Agents Trump Online Discount Travel Websites

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Why Travel Agents Trump Online Discount Travel Websites

Why Travel Agents Trump Online Discount Travel Websites

When it comes to vacationing, the world of travel is not short on choices. From discount websites to travel agents to do-it-yourself, there are many options that you can choose to book your next vacation in Florida. For most families looking to book a vacation to Walt Disney World vacation in Orlando, Florida using a travel agent will be your best option. Even with discount websites showing so many options, travel agents still offer perks that no one else has. Here are three reasons why you should choose a travel agent to plan your next vacation.

They Have a Broader Network

Because of the relationships that they’ve been able to build over the years, travel agents can often get better pricing on stays at resorts and hotels than discount sites simply cannot offer because they don’t have those types of relationships.

Yes, discount websites can show you a broad range of options, but a travel agent’s network is worth its weight in gold and you will benefit from that.

The network travel agents build over the years allows them to pass on perks that they can get added on to your stay for minimal or no cost at all.

You’re Not Just a Number

With a travel agent you’re not just a number. Travel agents sell on trust, not just a destination. For them, it’s beneficial to build a relationship with you where they understand the goals of your trip to Orlando and help you have the vacation of your dreams. You’ll know for sure when you’ve found the perfect travel agent for you because it will feel like you’re working with a trusted friend.

They Score the Best Deals

Even though discount websites parade their lowest priced options, with a travel agent you’re often able to score a better deal with packages that they can create for you.
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These packages will save you money while also offering you extra benefits in things like meal plans, park passes, or sightseeing tours around the city. These types of perks will not come through a discounted travel website.


When you’re looking for a travel agent, find one that has these three qualities and one that offers guarantees on their trips and your next vacation to Orlando is sure to be a success.

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